Monday, March 12, 2012

terrarium fail

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

SO cute and fun right!?
They had them at a few of the Street of Dreams houses that I loved

BUT my inspiration came from my friend we stayed with in Santa Barbara:


The Supplies:

1. Container  
(my fail: getting a cute container but bottom it too narrow)
2. River Rocks
3. Plant Charcoal
 (my fail: went to 200 stores before I found this- if you live in Portland, Cornell Farms has it)
4. Moss
5. Soil
6. Plants

The Steps:

#1: Rocks 
(my fail: for my container I probably should have put the soil on the bottom)

#2: Charcoal (necessary so that the plants don't mold or smell)
(my fail: the rocks weren't supportive enough as a layer so the charcoal fell through... also I learned later that you can crush up the charcoal and put it in with the soil)

#3: Moss
(my fail: it looks cute now but when the soil went on top it covered a lot of it up)

#4 & #5 Soil & Plants
(my fail: the jar was super hard to plan the succulents in there and I ended up breaking a lot of them...)

Final product

(my fail: you can't really see any of the layers or the plants that well with the top on... )

 I guess for my first time it wasn't THAT bad. Needless to say I will be doing things a little different next time! 

Has anyone else tried to make them? How did it go for you?


  1. well i can't really 'make' anything so i definitely haven't tried this but i definitely think yours came out very good for your first try so chin up! (and that comment from brian is too cute!)

    life spelled jen


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