Tuesday, October 30, 2012

how I .. pack

Going to NYC you have to travel light as you have to haul your bag around sometimes more than you'd like to. This trip was a little tough to plan for weather wise as it was going to be a little different each day, cold and raining and sunny and humid all packed into 5 days. I tried to pack a mix of items with different weights and material as well. 

Jewelry that goes with everything plus 2 statement pieces:

//6 outfits with a few modifications that could be made (1 more than days I'd be there, knowing I had 2 girls to share clothes with and that I would probably be buying a few things).
//cross-body bag so your shoulder doesn't get tired and everything is safe and secure

extra basics that go with anything and everything and add to an outfit


  1. i hate packing!! will you come do it for me next time!! ... p.s. kinda crossing my fingers this luggage gets lost and lands at my house and i keep it all for myself...

  2. i'm such a terrible packer. i never think about the pieces as an outfit so always end up with things that don't go together... although i'm getting better here in europe with such small luggage restrictions


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