Friday, October 26, 2012

organized: jewelry

New house, new room, new rules. I've got to say that it's been more challenging than I would have thought to move into a new home and not put everything back the way it was. I laid out all my decor on the ground and really forced myself to get rid of the things I didn't like anymore.

 I really want this home to truly be us and part of that is making sure the things we own are us! In my old bedroom I had a black mirror on my dresser but felt like it was too dark against the furniture. I stole this white mirror from my vanity that I don't really have enough room for. I like the way it makes it look more feminine.

The second "new" decision I made was to display all of my jewelry in one place. I have a few cute trays and boxes that I've collected from my grandma or thrifted and displayed them all out! Nothing revolutionary but I like being able to see everything well and not have it look cluttered!



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  1. Okay- I love it. I have seriously been trying to plan out a new plan of attack for my jewlry sitch lately (It's getting kinda crazy- lol). This just totally inspired me :) Hope everything is coming together in the new house!


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