Thursday, October 18, 2012

gray for days paint update

The Before: Dark Colors are not the best in Oregon where in the winter it can be cloudy and gray many many days in a row. I wanted to brighten up the family room for a light and airy feel

after seeking some inspiration on pinterest, we decided we really liked Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray. 

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

So we got some paint samples for $3.00 and some white posterboard. We bought Stonington Gray and another option. Once it was ready and dry we put them up on the walls to see what it looked like. I felt like it was too dark, it matched the hue of the green on the walls already and I didn't want it that dark. 

Instead of going with a whole other color I decided to buy the paint color at a 50% hue instead of 100% . I thought this would be a good solution. Since the wall color was so dark to begin with we also bought a thick primer with a tint of Stonington Gray.

Beginning with the primer:

We have the most amazing family ever who helped us conquer the kitchen, family room, office and bedroom all in a week!
Brian also got some white paint and did 3 coats of white on the fire place.



It is a little more blue than I would have hoped for but overall I really love it, it feels so much more us already! 


  1. It turned out great!! A little paint makes SUCH a difference!! So fun seeing your home come together :)

  2. I love it!! I've been thinking about painting our walls in the living and dining room.

  3. It looks great! It looks like a blast to decorate a new place. I was at Schoolhouse Electric this week wishing I had a home to decorate! Haha. Have fun!

  4. Ooooh I LOVE it! I think you picked the perfect color. The best part is, it will definitely match with ANYTHING you add to it.

    We've been painting too. The entire main area of our main floor was yellow and tan. The yellow was ragged on and textured. The lady before us did it and we just left it not knowing what we really wanted.

    Last month, we painted the kitchen "Soft Linen" which I call "George Washington Powder".

    This week we painted the dinning room and part of the living room "Painted Turtle" and the rest was "Titanium Taupe".

    Unfortunately, I'm not overly crazy about the taupe (sometimes it looks grey and sometimes it looks purpleish". I was just sick of tan and brown was too dark. I was going for a brown, grey, tan, but I didn't pick the right taupe.

    We'll either get used to it, or change it up. Haven't quite decided yet!

  5. That looks great! Especially with the white mantle. Looks like such a cute house :)

  6. oh this looks great. The other color just looks so old and dated, but this gray is pretty nice!

  7. wow, what a difference! looks great! are you going crazy getting everything the way you want it?! i feel like that's how i'll be when we move into our own house one day.

  8. Loving it! I can never get enough gray!!


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