Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the truth

Our Pastor's mom writes a beautiful blog and a post captured me the other day and has been stuck in my heart. As a follower of Christ I feel very embarrassed to share that spending consistent time in the word has been one of my biggest struggles as a believer. There have been seasons were I faithfully get up every morning and spend quality time in the word but it has not been a fluid season for the past 10.5 years that I've been walking with Christ. I've prayed to God asking for that struggle in my life to be gone once and for all, that every day for the rest of my life I would wake up and first clothe myself in Christ, wrap my heart up in his armor to tackle the day, the appointment I never miss. I've prayed for discipline, for it to become habit...

But discipline and habit aren't the answer. Those aren't the things that will draw me close to God's heart and His love; desire will. When my heart longs to be with Him enough, I will make the sacrifice to get out of bed earlier. Lord, I pray for desire to be close to you daily, to know that my life is nothing without you first in it.

What did you think of her blog post? Do you feel this? Agree with her thoughts?


  1. So true. I need to start praying the same for myself, this is something I really struggle with as well. Thanks for sharing your heart girl :)

  2. I seem to rise much more energetic in the morning to spend time with the Lord when I fall asleep praying that my desire to seek Him is as great as my need for Him. It's on your heart, He'll open the door...


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