Friday, January 22, 2010

here comes the sun

I love Portland. I really do. Everything about the city, the country, the mountains and the ocean. We have the best of it ALL. Wine country, fun shopping, rivers, lakes. I feel so blessed to have grown up here. The one thing that I can't stand is the long long long winter. November it starts to get cold, but November and December is okay because it's the holidays and the cold is new and it's fun to wear your new fall/winter clothes. January is okay, its bearable.. but then you remember that you still have this 40's and raining on your weather report for all of February, March, April and even some of May & June. I can't handle knowing how long it will be until I get to wear sandals and tank tops again... The sun makes me happy. Eating dinner when it's still light out makes me happy. Waking up to sun shining through my window and birds chirping makes me happy. Being able to run outside and not feel like my lungs are frozen over or I am going to get an ear infection makes me happy. I need 70 degrees. Dear God, Please!!

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