Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I came across this picture last night and think it is so wonderful. She is glowing. It is so sad when marriages end. In my opinion it is all about how the relationship is before the wedding. Marriage can bring so much more and is a great goal at the end of hard work. It needs to be something that is earned and deserved. This can happen at any length of time or age. I believe that because of the hard work that my husband and I put in before our wedding, our marriage now is so much more smooth. I understand wanting to get married when you want to or trying to rush things because you are excited but I think that can just make things harder in the end. I am thankful for my husband and for him putting up with everything we've been through. For us, it is about a commitment. We are in love with each other for sure but without a commitment to each other, there would be no fight in us to keep our love alive. That is something we will put into practice for the rest of our lives.

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