Thursday, January 28, 2010

What about Me!?

Life in the world is frustrating as a 22 year old woman, an emerging leader. I know that I have great experience, my age might not show it but I have done and been through a lot. I have developed skills and learned more than most people would ever guess. My adolescence ended fast, or never began as I have been pursuing a real life since I graduated high school. College for me, was different than college for everyone else. As most of my classmates were waiting for the weekend (or a Tuesday night) so that they could drink until they passed out, I was pursuing a life of meaning. Going through extensive learning and growth so that college would be worthwhile and meaningful for me. I have taken on so many volunteer responsibilities and have grown through that process as well. Although my age and "work experience" may not show it, I am fully capable of much more than I am being looked at for. I wish that I was given the time of day in more "important" work situations. I wish that I was seen as the talents that I have and not the age and gender that I am.

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