Saturday, June 19, 2010

summer plans

Now that I have a job all the the time, I don't get to share what my summer plans are because when you grow up they get boring-- no going to camp, no getting married, no laying out by the pool, no family vacations, no sleepovers, no late night adventures -- SO this is my little list of things I want to do this summer

{via yellow brick blog}

-take more pictures
-fit into my old jeans
-buy clothes I love
-do projects around the house- paint, new decor, new floors & counters
-make dinner almost every night
-make lunch for us to take to work
-drink lots of water
-get more energy
-spend time with Jesus every day
-have clear skin
-get really tan
-go thrifting
-ENJOY Portland more- actually DO stuff here (hiking, boating, downtown)
-drink lots of iced tea
-take care of my yard

What do you want to do this summer? What things do you wish you could do more often?


  1. great list! the first wish on my summer list is to enjoy the sun. living in seattle can make life a little too gray. but to go thrifting is definitely always on the list ;)

  2. i SO miss summer vacation!! this is a great list though - many of them are on my mental list :) hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  3. oh the sweet days of summer va-cay! how i miss thee!!

    however-- even though i have a full time job- i still manage to enjoy the summer relentlessly! i agree with just about all your summer wishes! and have already ingested enough iced tea to last 1,000 summers :)


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