Thursday, June 10, 2010


it's my birthday!

{via oh hello friend}

So far it's been great. Over the years I have lowered  my expectations of birthdays. Let's be honest, we all build them up in our head and then we feel sad and let down during the day when it doesn't turn out perfect. So my goal now, is to just relax and take the day as it comes, being grateful for all of the birthday wishes and the wonderful people in my life!!!

Today I was woken up with breakfast in bed by my wonderful husband and had flowers, a diet coke and a card waiting for me at my desk at work from Aly. Going to enjoy it! After work Brian and I are going to my fav place, Oba! with our great friends Peter and Joy and then headed to Sunset's Graduation :)

All of my YL girls had their last day of high school yesterday and are walking tonight!! I can't even believe it. I started leading them the day I moved home from Eugene and have been with them ever since. It will be hard to watch them all go in September!!

Nowwww if the sun would come out and the rain would go away it would be GREAT!!


  1. happy birthday sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you are loved even more today than you already are and have an amazing time!!!!! xoxo

  2. Happy birthday, Olivia! Hope the day exceeds your expectations :)

    And, funnily enough, I'll be at Oba! having HH with an old friend tonight! Maybe I'll see you there!!

  3. happy birthday!! how sweet of your hubby & co-worker! hope the sun peaks its head for you today!

  4. whoops, just realized it was yesterday! well, i hope you enjoyed the rest of it :)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Olivia! God Bless You!

  6. Hey, we share the same birthday! Only I am now 27, not 23 :) Happy belated birthday to us!


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