Monday, July 19, 2010


We had a super great weekend celebrating jill + kyle's wedding. From the Bachelorette party, to the rehearsal & dinner, to getting ready, standing up there witnessing a great love and dancing the night away-- it was incredible! Jill is one of my very best friends and I love her so much. It's such a nice bonus that my husband and her husband (NOW!! yay) are also great friends with each other so the 4 of us get along SO great, it is a blessing to have friends like them.

I shared with you all how excited I was for our Bachelorette weekend in Sunriver 2 weekends ago-- here a few pictures:

Fun Hike!!

me and Jilly

Headed out into Bend for dinner!!

Beautiful Bride-to-be!!
all the ladies!!

wedding pictures to come...


  1. See, this is my kind of weekend!! So much fun and so many great memories! :-)

  2. aw looks like a blast! what a gorgeous group of girls!


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