Tuesday, July 13, 2010

our own YUMM bowl

One of Brian and my favorite restaurants is Cafe Yumm, it's great because I have food allergies (gluten & dairy) and I can have a meal here without getting sick!!

We've been spending way too much money there lately so I decided to make my own Yumm bowls at home, we bought the sauce and had it the other night!

In the 2 bowls I put:

1 layer of brown rice
1 layer of black beans
1 layer of Yumm Sauce
1 layer of Salsa
1 layer of onions
1 layer of avocado

{other ideas to add: olives, cheddar cheese, chicken etc.}


my hubs is out of town on a business trip so my friend Holly is coming over tonight and we're gonna make them!

Anyone wanna try and tell me how they like it? I know Cafe Yumm is only in Oregon (because we're hippies...) so I want ya'll to try it and let me know what you think!! It's way good. promise.


  1. YUMM! anything with lots of avocado is alright in my book. this sounds like a perfect summer meal to me!

  2. this is anna will you make them again tomorrow night ???? pwease

  3. My sister, Shea, is addicted to Avocados! Anywhere we go to eat without fail she asks if they can add them. Just reading what you put in the bowls sounds so tasty & I think I just might have to try something like this too.

  4. YES!!! They were SO good and i loved it with the corn, great addition! And last night was so much fun! Love you

  5. oh yes please. This (and variations of this) is my go-to meal. easy as pie!


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