Saturday, July 10, 2010

if i didnt have to live with a boy...

I would have a chandelier in my kitchen

and a tv, and lots of colors and fun things on display

I would have LOTS of fun decorating my closet and making areas for my jewelry to be on display. I would make lots of space for me to get beautiful

I would eat out side for every meal

and hang out on this porch in between meals
(my husband has allergies...)

I would paint the walls fun colors

and my laundry room would turn into a craft room and gardening station
I would get a cozy bed with pretty colors

But I love my husband too much so I'll just dream of this. Maybe when we have a BIG house I can make certain rooms MINE :)

If you live alone or with all girls what are the perks decorating wise? If you are living with a boy, what do you dream of being able to do? (not that they don't let us... we just learned by trial and error know better... )


  1. Olivia I live with a boy and had 3 sons and I still have a crystal chandelier in my small kitchen. It is like a wonderful piece of jewelry. I bet your guy would love it too. Go for it!! Kathysue

  2. Haaaa I love this sooo much! I would love to paint an accent wall a bright color, and eat outside for every meal (if the weather is nice!) and I would love,love, love a chandelier in my kitchen! (my cousin has one and I am super jealous of her)

  3. I do find it a little hard to make a house man friendly. Hopefully i have little girls so I can do their rooms girly.

  4. Love the aqua kitchen! If only... :)

  5. AWESOME!! I would love to live in a house like that.

  6. haha oh the sacrifices we make for our loves :) i would definitely have a chandelier too.. though i'm hoping i can one day convince my hubby to get one once we have our own place. that bed is amazing!!

  7. Amazingly my hubs has pretty much the same home decor likes as me. However, I do go without some extra accent pillows due to his liking. Oh, and no animal prints...that is clothing, shoes, anything. I'm not a crazy leopard fanatic but sometimes i find something fun, but nope. Its all for LOVE though. teehee.

    Love this post!! I'm still trying to think of other things, probably will hit me later.


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