Sunday, July 18, 2010

world map

I really want one to put up in our house

... look how big Russia is!!


  1. I just bought one!! awe-inspiring, right?

  2. i do, too! i love vintage maps, too!

  3. I am also a map lover - had a big one on the wall before my baby was born but got it out so she wouldn't rip it/ love traveling in my head ;)

  4. when we were growing up, we had a map of the world under plastic on our kitchen table. it might have looked a little silly, but it spawned hours of dinner & after dinner games when we'd take turns naming a crazy sounding city and the others would have to find the country it was in. how educational!

  5. i would love one too! it'd be fun to put a pin in all the states/contries we've been!


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