Thursday, April 29, 2010

dream job #2

Home Organizer

Organizing is seriously a passion of mine. I am sure you will see it being a theme throughout my "dream jobs". Home organizing is something I have loved since I was a little girl. My mom loves it and she passed it on to me. I used to go over to friends houses when I was in elementary school (no joke) and help them rearrange their room, get rid of old clothes, take old toys/books/dolls to goodwill etc. There is something so refreshing about doing this. Cleaning out a closet, getting rid of things that don't make you feel good, it is such a cleansing process not only for your closet but for your soul. I truly believe that when you clean out and organize a space in your home, or your whole home, you will feel so much less stress inside. When you see clutter, junk or trash you feel that inside.

If anyone would like help in this area in their home, I would love to come help, or give you some tips etc!!

how organized is this!? Loves it.


  1. This job would be amazing! So fun. I love cleaning out my closets once a year.

  2. You should post some organizationsl tips and tricks! We just moved into a smaller place and are looking for crafty ways to organize our living space when every square inch counts! :)

  3. good idea!! I will do that for sure :) Thanks Liz

  4. I just bought some organizing tools, but still need SO much help! Could I send you pictures of my disorganized space so you can live out your dream job?? :)


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