Thursday, October 27, 2011

alter ego

My mom gave me this awesome jacket for Christmas last year and I haven't been bold enough to wear it very much. Falling in love with it again and forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone (sweat pants..) and wear it! 

The one problem with my outfit picture taking is that my husband isn't home the times when I'm dressed... He leaves before I wake up for work and I coach high school volleyball and get into work out clothes by 3 or 4 pm everyday...bare with the mirror shots today :)

glasses- F21
jacket- Off 5th (christmas gift from my momma)
sweater- Old Navy
tank- target (my favorite)
jeans: UO-bdg
shoes: target


  1. love love love the jacket! definitely rock it! and i do mirror shots too cause the bf makes me crack up if he takes them himself.

    life spelled jen

  2. Super are rockin the leather jacket! Aaaaand your boots are adorable...looks like it's time for me to take a Target trip! Xo, Katie

  3. Wear it! Be Bold! Love the shoes!

  4. I love this jacket! You should certainly wear it more often!!

    xoxo Denise

  5. aww your so cute! I love leather jackets. They will always be in style for me ;)
    your shoes are adorable.



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