Monday, October 17, 2011

dwell: Katie of The Bright Life

Hello lovelies, I'm Katie from The Bright Life, and let me start by saying that I LOVE what Olivia is doing. I have been so encouraged by this beautiful community of bloggers, especially faithful, honest women like Olivia. Olivia actually left the reference for this verse as a comment to one of my posts a few weeks ago, where I was really struggling with contentment. 

My husband and I have made the choice to live on less while he is in graduate school (we're living on one income), and I'll be honest, sometimes it's tough. I look at other blogs, DIY projects I want to do, and other homes in our area, and sometimes I feel inadequate. This verse has been a constant source of encouragement for me, reminding me that the simple life is the truly most fulfilling life, because in reality, all we need is Jesus. Not blogs and Jesus, not DIY projects and Jesus, not a gorgeous home and Jesus. Just Jesus.

May God bless you with an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment. He knows where you are, and He's got you there for a reason. YOU can do all things through Him who gives you strength.

How is this verse speaking to YOU today? xoxo.

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  1. That simple sentence: He knows where you are.

    That right there brought tears to my eyes. So simple, yet so powerful. He knows where you are. I love it, and thanks for sharing! I too am living on less because of grad school, and it can be HARD.

  2. Love this verse as well. Such a good reminder that Jesus just needs to be our one and only. Not second place or tied with all the other things in our life. Thanks for the verse and the encouragement!

  3. This scripture is beautiful. It was actually my scripture for 2010. It meant so much to me. To me, I've learned more about trust. Trusting God through circumstances that are out of my control.

    Great verse. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for having me, Olivia! Can't wait to see the upcoming dwell posts... XO, Katie


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