Wednesday, October 19, 2011

don't judge me too much

...I'm going to try out a couple outfit posts.... partially to make myself dress cute a few days a week and partially because my friends know how cheap I am and are always asking what amount is okay to spend on certain items, so I thought I'd share :) 

bare with me... and you can judge but only in your heads to yourself.

tshirt: BP - similar
sweater: H&M
jeans: Gap - similar
shoes: F21
necklace: BP
belt: BP - similar


  1. Way to go Olivia!! I'm having a lot of fun with the outfit posts...excited to see more, you look adorable =)

  2. my only judgement is that you're the frickin cutest. rove you

  3. i looove the belted sweater look. you look comfy, sassy, and fantastic, olivia!

  4. I love this outfit! That sweater looks so cozy!

  5. Work it! You look gorgeous, and I love this outfit :]

  6. you look fab! love that sweater and those shoes!!

  7. Love the long cardigan!! You should do outfit posts more often! This is a great look :)

    xoxo Denise

  8. wooohoo! keep the outfit posts coming! you look so great, girl :) <3


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