Friday, September 14, 2012

grays for days

Help.. is there a perfect gray? I've been searching and searching. I have this issue where in my head I know exactly what I want but I can't find it in the real world. The first thing we are going to do when we get keys in 2 weeks is to paint 6 rooms in the house... to make it pretty simple, I'm going to choose 1 light gray that can be used all over the house: 3 bedrooms, the office and the family room/kitchen.

 We live in Oregon where it's gloomy & dark from December-May so we need a color that is still light and airy and won't make our seasonal depression worsen I'm wanting to stay away from taupes & beiges grays and work towards a cool tone.

 TRULY, I just actually want light gray, a true light gray, but for some reason every gray I see is either brown gray or stone gray or blue gray or lavendar gray... Where are the regular grays people?!

 I've been looking everywhere online but truly you can't quite get a feel for what the exact color will be not on a computer screen.

Here are a few I think I like..

Benjamin Moore's Olympic Quill via Restored Style

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Benjamin Moore's Quiet Moments

Sherwin Williams Grey Screen

color unknown

color unknown


 Any advice? Has anyone used a light subtle gray that they just love and think I will too?


  1. my bathroom is a very light gray - by BM - i don't know the name of the color anymore - but go to BM - u'll find something!!! - and they can color match anything too - if u get one with shimmer that would be KILLER too - i think i wanna repaint my bathroom so the paint shimmers :o)

  2. You should check out the devine paint line by miller paint. we used it when we painted pretty much our whole house gray a couple months ago. Looks great and only took one coat!

  3. I love gray and is what I'd want to paint my house in also! Have you seen this on pinterest?

    I super bookmarked it for when we close on our house I'll have ideas pre-ready!

  4. I know what you mean, darn Oregon! I love the first two pictures because there is hint of really pretty green :)

  5. Hello there, As an interior decorator grey can be a tough one to achieve. Most of Ben. Moore goes one direction or the other. My favorite true grey swatches are Canadian so that won't help you. I can suggest a few lighter greys that do look great on a wall and yet let you play in either direction. Right now I like to use Collingwood OC 28. It is a warmer grey but it also looks fabulous with blues and purples. Classic Gray OC 23 is also nice neutral. Titanium OC 49 holds a slight green hue and Grey Owl OC will swing more to the blue family. The best thing is to go to Benjamin Moore and grab the swatches once you have a couple you like buy the $4 test pot and see if it will really work for you. Look at it at night and day. Some of these colours above will be a bit darker by night and most hold a definite blue undertone. The Sherwin Williams Gray Stone above is lovely, holds blue undertone and will be the darkest of those you are showing. I have kept you in the light zone as SAD syndrome will want you to stay away from a darker shade unless the house is loaded in light. If you have any questions pop me a line and I will try and help. Good Luck and happy painting!! Pamela deVries - Pamela deVries Designs

  6. SO exciting about the new place! YAY! Stonington gray is really nice! I reccomend grabbing 4 different sample colors, painting them on your walls, living with them for a few days, and then choosing one. I know it's hard to wait it out, but it will be much easier to find the PERFECT color that way:). Can't wait to see what you land on!


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