Monday, September 24, 2012


My friend Laura's post last week got my pretty stoked about fall. Not that I wasn't already, it is my favorite season of the year but I do like to milk summer until October.

BUT I think I'm ready...

a few of my favorite things: Orchards, Pumpkin Patch, Apple Cider, Beautiful Oregon, Scarves, Boots, Pumpkin EVERYTHING, Farms

Laura's post also got my pretty stoked to try out something new this year: Hood River Fruit Loop. I've already tried to convince Brian and some friends, now just to find the day!

What's your favorite thing about the fall?


  1. I am finally getting into fall too! What are your fav. things to do in Oregon during fall? I want to make a trip there someday for sure! I figure fall is best because then I won't be sad if it rains....:)

  2. It took me awhile too but I'm so ready now!!

  3. Shut your face. How sweet of you to link back! If you end up doing the fruit loop, let me know how you like it! Oh, and my favorite thing about fall is not feeling guilty for lazing around the house all day. Bad weather is like a free pass!


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