Thursday, September 20, 2012

my parents house

last summer my friend Jessie and I decided to have a little photog day, here are some shot from that time. I chose to shoot around my parents house, the house I grew up in. So many fun things to shoot and look at and I love that I have so many memories in that place that I will never forget. enjoy :) 

they love to garden

There is an incredible property behind their house with a field, lake and horses

we picked blackberries behind our house every night after dinner in the summers

hartung horses

these steps going up to the top of our backyard

one of my mom's collections

and one of my dad's

my dad was an olympic fencer

some cool things in my dad's office including my beautiful grandma

my mom's inspiration board

this clock

my parents collect rocks

my old bed and window 

sister pictures

my mom's dresser top with a picture from my parents rehearsal dinner

Z box from my mom's best friend who passed away

and the biotch, aka my parents cats Stella & Mishca, it doesn't really matter which one this is because they are both biotches and twins that I can't ever tell apart. 


  1. wow, what a beautiful, magical place to grow up!!

  2. What a beautiful home!!! Your parents have great decor style! I love all the little details and "his" and "hers"! Too cute!! Also, the yard is amazing! it's so romantic looking and peaceful!


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