Tuesday, September 25, 2012

psalm 62

this is a re-run from a previous guest post I did for Jen but my life has been super crazy busy lately so I felt like I needed to read it again.. and maybe you do too!


I am a do-er, a go-getter, a must finish everything on the to-do lister,  a feels guilty when I sit downer. While these can be good qualities, sometimes I am busy to a fault. I burn out, I feel overwhelmed, I don't  have peace, I have a break downs.

Then one day, God told me this:

Source: google.com via Olivia on Pinterest

I realized my issue of not being able to rest was also an issue of trust and control. Could I give it up? Could I let go to how tight I was holding? I wanted to because I was so tired. This verse spoke to me so clearly and became a source of comfort. I did need to rest, I couldn't keep going the way I was going and it's a constant reminder of that. I am so grateful that God calls us to rest and not only to rest but IN HIM. I picture God's arms looking like a hammock resting in the sunshine and when I fall down into it, I'm greeted with fluffy pillows and don't have to move a muscle once I am there because I am so comfortable.

It also reminds me that to trust in Him, I need to give up complete control. Living in this state of rest does mean letting Him run my life, letting Him make the hard decisions and going where He calls me. It will always be BETTER when He does that, He knows us better than we know ourselves, He loves us more than we can ever imagine, so why not rest in Him and let Him do the heavy lifting? He is able and wants to!

This verse also gives you encouragement to keep going. He will protect and carry your burden. I try to live as this verse says everyday, to go about my day getting things done but in a constant state of rest, rest in the arms of the One who loves me most.

How does this verse speak to you? Do you feel like resting in Christ is easy for you or hard? Have you ever put your trust and complete rest in Him ever before?


  1. Thanks so much for (re) posting this today! It was I need to hear as I struggle to let go and let God. I find it so hard to stop controlling and worrying and trust Him. I'll get there though!


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