Tuesday, April 27, 2010

YAYA 2 things I love around my home

I get so excited for this every other week. Thanks Kassi !!!

My 2 things this week

1. Vanity. I've had this since I was a little girl (see below- I had different priorities back then...) and I love it now. It makes me feel super feminine and I love having an organized place for all of my pretty things. It wasn't my husbands favorite at first but then I reminded him that if I didn't keep this stuff here then it would be more in his way.

2. My husbands paintings. He is super cute (and may be embarrassed that I am sharing these on the internet but I LOVE them)

This one he made me for my birthday a few years ago. This is from one of our favorite songs by Joshua Radin "it hasn't felt like home before you"

and this one he made me last Valentine's Day before our wedding. It is our wedding date, and I was struggling with wanting it to come faster. He thought that this might help- and it did!!

What are your 2 favorite things!? Be sure to link up on Kassi's page and check out everyone else's pretty things in their homes!!


  1. love the vanity
    and so neat that you have had it for so long (you were a super cute kid by the way)
    what a cute hus for making you pretty paintings.
    love it
    thanks for playing along!

  2. ooh!! i like this whole "2 things i love around my home..." i'd love to play but that requires me to take pictures and upload them...hehee i've been so lazy but maybe if i do this, i'll be better about posting pics.
    i too love your vanity...so feminine!!


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