Thursday, December 1, 2011

straight straight straight

some of you may have noticed my diva straight hair (as my sister would say) for my first day of work. I am absolutely LOVING my new flat iron! Its the best. It's been so hard for me to find a great one that I love. My thick hair leaves me straightening my hair for way too long and leaves lots of tangles in it.

This Hana Titanium Flat Iron that I got c/o Misikko was not like that at all! It heated up really fast and straightened my hair in under 5 minutes! SO pleased with it. It also came with some great tools- Hair Shine, Heat proof pouch, something for me to rest in on on my counter so I don't ruin anything around it with the heat and some other goodies! What do you guys think??  Before, During, After:


  1. Super cute! Your new flat iron works fabulous! Where did you get it/find it?

  2. I must say, I've never tried to straighten my hair, maybe because it's already too limp..I fancy getting waves on it ;)

    your hair is amazing! :)

  3. Very pretty, i should try that one out.. Mine is horrible and i need a new one!!


  4. awesome-ba-dosome!

    just got mine in the mail! so fun!

  5. your hair looks gorgeous before (too!) just sayin'! =)

  6. i actually love it both ways. i might like the 'before' better! tough call.


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