Wednesday, February 3, 2010

but that's not how I feeeeel loved...

Thank you Gary Chapman for shedding light on such a misunderstood and dark place. How many of us have had changed lives/relationships after reading the 5 Love Languages. Each person has a way of giving love and the way they give love is how they need to receive love, but if your partner gives love differently than you receive it you may never fully feel loved by them. SUCH A GREAT CONCEPT!! I think that so many relationships can be full of hurts and fights that circle around and around and no one can ever really figure out what the root of the problem is. This book/concept can be such a game changer for so many relationships. It will get rid of the extra weight that is being carried around. Go to the website to take the quiz to see what your love language is (Quality Time, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts). My love language is Quality Time and Acts of Service and Brian's is Words of Affirmation. Not to say everything is 100% easy and perfect now but once you learn these you at least have the tools and knowledge to change it, to be aware of what your partner needs from you that you aren't giving to them just by the way you treat and talk to them each day. If I came home from work and Brian knew that my shampoo was almost gone and he went to the store and bought it without me asking him to and the next time I took a shower (which is less often than most...) and that shampoo was in there, I would be absolutely beaming! He loves me SO much that he thought about me in his day-to-day. Not that this is solely going to make us get along perfectly but after a few months if Brian didn't do anything like this to make me feel loved, I would start to feel sad/angry and pick fights with him over nothing. What I would really be sad about is not feeling super loved by him. SO brilliant. Try it! Take the test and talk about it with your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, sibling, parent, any type of relationship that you are in it can be applied to.

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