Monday, February 22, 2010


I love being energized by God and the ways in which He is moving. This weekend at Breakaway they talked a lot about the "breaking point" that you get to on work crew. The girls were asking me if this was true and if so what it was for me. I don't think I ever really had a "breaking point" I learned a lot and looking back even more so now I see how much I learned. I explained to them that I thought for me it was more of point where I knew I couldn't move my muscles in the morning if I didn't have Jesus helping me.

I remember one night in particular when we worked after dinner up until club started (back in those days the new club room wasn't built and the left side of the Iron Kettle was the club room :) ) and we had to take a break while club was in session. So to pass the time we went out to the lawn to wait in the dark. We were so exhausted, had worked hard all day but had this unreal amount of energy. Allison and I were doing cartwheels and Chris was telling his jokes that rocked. We were dying laughing and having so much fun bonding together as a Dining Hall staff. I remember thinking to myself "why do we have so much energy right now"? There is no other reason we could be happy or laughing or had the energy to finish busing tables and doing breakfast pre-sets without Jesus's strength guiding us and there for us to lean on.

It is a crucial lesson to learn. Once I experienced it physically I knew it would be there to get me through anything emotionally, spiritually or relationally. He IS there and does want us to lean on Him and rest in Him.

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