Thursday, February 4, 2010

Carley & Jon

SO fun to have lunch with Carley and hear about her and Jon's engagement and reminisce over there sweet relationship. It's amazing how you can be transformed when you finally know the person that God has planned for you to be with. Everything is different, everything feels right, even if it doesn't always make sense to the rest of the world. I admire Carley's willingness to find the right one and go for it with her whole heart after she felt peace from God. I miss wedding planning/I LOVE THIS STUFF so I've told Carley that I would help her plan or do anything she wants me to do! Starting to brainstorm about transforming a space-- her dream is a Loft in the Pearl and wants to make it less like a warehouse and more like a wedding venue. Some inspirational pictures for thought...

This New York Loft wedding put up a screen (1)-- creative!
I love these tall candles, and there are chandeliers if you look in the upper right hand corner. Making the space seem warm.

The decorations hanging from the rafters make the space seem smaller and more intimate.

She loves the idea of chandeliers! This looks awesome, it was in a barn setting but seems like it can be done wherever.

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