Friday, February 5, 2010

style icons

BLAKE LIVELY : I love her comfortable and conservative look. I love cardigans and plain t-shirts spiced up a bit with vests, purses, necklaces or boots. (pictures from my favorite site: we all know this is what I strive to be- frugal and stylish)

LAUREN CONRAD: similar to Blake with her simple style, LC is a little more "fun" mixing in bring colors and fun pieces. Just love her all around (except I think I need to teach her how to do her hair sometimes... particularly with headbands)

HILARY DUFF: oh who doesn't love Lizzie McGuire. Nat and I used to watch her show everyday in 6th grade, were we too old then? maybe...

Mary-Kate & Ashley: it's nothing but love. always has been.

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