Friday, May 14, 2010

dream job #5

Interior Designer

I have always dreamed of being an interior designer. As you can tell-- since most of my posts on here are about interior design. I love it. I love creating a space, I love re-doing a space, I love everything about it! There are so many ways to go, so many things to choose from. Color or moving furniture can make all the difference.

OKay... maybe not interior designer but.. decorator?? That seems to fit me more. If I hadn't loved UO's campus so much I would have gone to OSU to study Interior Design-- I guess there is a reason that I didn't! I still love it though.


  1. willl you interior design my dorm rooom?!

  2. That's what I want to do as a career! I think it's the best way to shop, Other people are paying you to design their house, how fun is that!


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