Friday, May 21, 2010

friday blanks!

playing along with lauren! be sure to as well! and link back up to her page!~


1. One fashion trend I really regret is  most things from the 90's. Huge oversized button up plaid shirts. and maroon...

2. The one thing that always completes any outfit is jewelry or a scarf

3. I would describe my personal style as causal, comfortable, cute, simple

4. My fashion muse is  LC, Hilary Duff, MKA (sometimes.. ) see here

5. If I could own one designer piece of clothing it would be  oooo... ummm this sounds weird but a handbag I think.

6. I would love to raid the wardrobe of  ummmm any celebrity!!! They have so  so many clothes. I just wish I had more/money to pay for them

7. Today I am wearing    My lunar lites, NSW gray sweatshirt, NSW T-shirt and my seven's. Typical friday outfit at Nike!


  1. I agree with you on the handbag! You could wear it everyday to get the most use out of it. Plus, everyone sees it! Handbags are staples :)

  2. ooh i agree with you about a scarf completing any outfit! the one bummer about summer is that scarves are just uncomfy in the heat!


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