Tuesday, May 4, 2010

grateful for abundant life

I was watching Oprah with Naomi Campbell. The poor woman, at 40 doesn't know anything about herself. For the first time, because of therapy  she has begun to take a look within. As I watched her, I felt so sad for her and the life that she has lived. So many of us think that we want that kind of life- fame, success, being one of the "Top 6" models for 25 years, money, fashion, clothing and even more. The reality is that those who live that kind of a life are miserable, empty and unfulfilling. She is taking the time now at the age of 40 to find peace and to figure herself out. I got to find that out 8 years ago when I accepted Christ into my life.

I feel so grateful that at 22, I know exactly who I am. That doesn't mean that I don't have more to learn but I am confident in myself. I grew so much while I was in college. I sifted through so much brokenness and junk from before I had a relationship with Christ. I let him come in and heal me completely. It was incredible and I am so grateful that I've gotten to live a life where that was part of it. Where Christ ruled in my heart. I can't imagine how much sweeter life could be at 40 than it is now. I do know that things will happen that are our of God's control but that through Him I can do everything.

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