Saturday, May 8, 2010

dream job #4

Wedding Planner

so I go back and forth on this one but if I'm thinking ideal - this would be part of my dream job choices. I love weddings. I LOVE them. I love hearing every detail about what a Bride is planning. I had so much fun planning my wedding, I was never stressed, always happy and having a blast! I love the planning and being organized. I am very detail oriented, which I found very helpful for my wedding because I felt like I thought of every single thing necessary. I love being creative and having a vision come to life. I really felt like my wedding was that exactly. It looked, on that day, EXACTLY how I pictured it to look and how I dreamed of it. I couldn't have been happier! I am currently an unpaid intern for 2 of my friends (here and here (<--when I was a new blogger)) getting married this summer. I love helping them get on track with planning or being a soundboard!

{pics from our wedding}


  1. I totally agree! Although I'm not sure I could deal with the bridezillas... I LOVELOVELOVE the design and planning though! I think I might end up dabbling in design eventually. I just have too much fun getting wrapped up in details that take it to the next level. I can't wait to get married and share some of the details ;)


  2. Are these images from your wedding?! If so WOW!!! Ha, Unfortunately I had a dream wedding that was not fulfilled - i want to make excuses and say it was finances and so on...but I bet if I had someone like you to help I would have been solid and had no regrets. You should totally be this inspiration to brides! And to be paid for doing this, hard life :)

  3. Your dream jobs are my dream jobs. Maybe we should go into business together?!

  4. I love your wedding colors. It is so beautiful. I think you would be an amazing wedding planner :)


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