Friday, May 28, 2010


I am loving white lately. I see so many rooms with white walls or white as the main color with pops all around it. It seems like a beautiful clean palate for you to use your colors and your style to decorate it! I think the living room is getting painted white asap....

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  1. me too! we have white walls in our new place and we've really run with the lighter color scheme with pops of color. I am in love! We still have a couple of finishing touches but I'm hoping to post photos of the new place soon :)

    Have a great weekend Olivia!

  2. olivia! i got my necklace and i love it!
    i checked out the website a little more thoroughly yesterday and i just love what those girls gave done for the ladies in uganda! and what amazing women who make the necklaces. so cool. i feel honored to now own one of their necklaces so thank you thank you thank you!
    i hope you have a wonderful weekend and that the rain lets up enough so you can enjoy the outdoors :-)
    be blessed and much love

  3. i am loving white too! i'm wishing all of our rooms were white. unfortunately, our landlord doesn't let tenants paint - boo! you should post some pics when you're done!


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