Sunday, May 30, 2010


2 years ago my mom's best friend passed away. She was an incredible woman. So giving, so loving. She played a really special role in my life as she did not have any kids of her own. The love of her life passed 20 some years ago and she had decided at the point that she would not ever love anyone else as much. I miss her so much. She was an incredible woman. There are so many things that I am going to remember about her. She loved to cook, craft, decorate, shop, thrift and just all around make things more fun. She added a little pazaz to everything she did. One thing Zandra always told me was important was to have a collection. While she was sick, right before her final months she picked with me what I should collect. We decided tea pots. We celebrated Christmas with Zandra every year a few days before or after Christmas. We would have a feast at her house my family and her. The Christmas before she passed she bought me 2 teapots and lots and lots of tea. When I saw this picture it reminded me so much of how I miss her and how wonderful she is. So many of my passions come from her. Her and my mom used to dream up so many things, into their 50's. They started multiple businesses together and always did what made their hearts happy, I thank her so much for that idea and for doing that.
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  1. I think you should totally put up at least a shelf of tea-pots just for her! (and you of course!) I have a tea-cup collection, that was inspired by my Nanny, this story could be ours it's so similar. So glad you had a person like that in your life.

  2. what a beautiful post olivia! that is such a neat way to remember her.. she sounds like she was an incredible lady!


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