Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 things I love around my home

Playing along with Amanda today at the Newelly-Weds and looking around my house for things I love..  I feel like I have so many but I really want to pick 2 for now (I have trouble with these kinds of games.. I never want to play 'Would you Rather?' because it always just feels too real and committing) ... SO today:

1. My inspiration board in my laundryroom. In an attemtpt to spruce up my boring, white laundry room and having this old bulliten board from middle school... I put this together. Maggie, one of my best friends and I, love collaging- we've spent HOURS cutting things out of magazines and making journals, books, cards, inspiration pages. It is still something I love to do but I always seem to just tear things out of magazines and do nothing with them. This was my "doing something with them" :

2. I'm not totally sure why but I am loving this right now. The chest is from Brian's grandma and I love it. It's the place I keep all of my decor that I'm not using (something I think I got from my mom) -- vases, shelves, candles etc.  The lamp I love and had it all throughout college, the vase my friend Jenna and I bought in college on a Target raid, the candle sticks are from my dad's best friends, a gift for our wedding. The big picture is from our engagement shoot that Brian had framed as a Valentine's gift last year and the small frame is engraved from my dear friend Amanda (who was my intern in the dining hall when I was on work crew) and her husband Matt, with our wedding date.

Thanks Amanda for that fun game :) Who else wants to play!? Post yours to Kassi's page

p.s. It's 6:36 and still light outside: I am really enjoying this!!!! I just cut flowers from our yard and put them all around our house! YAY


  1. your house is so grown up and pretty. i love kassi's 2 things post so im checking out everyone elses:)
    brandi from

  2. i love that chest/cabinet! and i love the vase on it... so pretty. i cute out pages from magazines too and post them to my inspiration board over my desk... i love saving magazines but don't have the room so i just go through them and tear out my favorite pages.
    thanks so much for playing along today!


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