Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the front

Right now, our house is white with green trim. We hated the color when we first moved in and for some reason have started to like it more? I think we are just fooling ourselves. We don't want to re-paint the entire house but would like to make some small changes. I found this on design sponge and thought it was gret! Just a little bit of a color change can make a hosue look so different. I love how they used the light aqua color along with the ... black? navy blue? (not sure what it is exactly..)

What colors would you reccomend to accent a white house??


  1. Trendy color for the year for homes IS turqouise! (according to realtor magazine). That picture looks great with it, I vote for that!

  2. Navy navy navy blue or a deep red look SO beautiful and so classy on white houses :)


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