Tuesday, March 9, 2010

spontaneous painting

Such a fun thing about being married and owning our own home is that we can do whatever we want to it whenever we want. I love this. I am such an organized-planner type and Brian not as much. He has brought out an awesome side of me that is full of spontaneity. Our latest: Paint. Last week I was feeling itchy about changing stuff in our home to make it more to be what we like, more of our style. First thing that needed change was the color of our walls. TAUPE is everywhere, on every wall in 5 different shades. It has to go. So we stopped at Home Depot on Sunday and got some paint... and started painting.

First up: Master Bathroom. White... turned Brown. We were really excited about painting that we didn't prep like we should have (this is where the planning would have come in hand and yes of course I had a few momentary mental freak-outs "what would my mom say right now?!") but ya know what: it's okay!! We'll fix it. :)

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