Wednesday, March 31, 2010

25 things

SO... I totally forgot about this from facebook , over a year ago, this little game was going around. I'm pretty sure that I was unemployed at the time and did one.. I thought it would be fun(ny) to share. I would say most are still true. Not sure if I would still pick all of them as 25 things.. maybe there is no order and never was but here are: 25 Random Things (about me from 1 year ago):

1. I have the most amazing God who has made me and my life what it is today. The amount of things I have experienced because of Him is unreal. I have met amazing people, been changed and felt His unfailing love. My goal everyday is to strive to serve Him and pursue growth in my life.

2. I have a fiance who I fall more in love with everyday. Seriously. There is no other explanation of why we are together other than the Lord bringing us to one another when His timing was right. He makes me better and is my very best friend and most favorite.

3. I think that my sister is the coolest girl I know, I want to be more like her. I love when we get referred to as the "Reilly sisters" or something of the like.

4. I believe that singing at the top of my lungs is the best cure for anything. My girlfriends and I in high school used to do this multiple times a month.

5. I can't imagine Brian and my kids going to any other high school than Sunset.

6. I have a fatty birthmark on my wrist.

7. I was born in New Jersey and often think about what my life would be like if we had not moved to Portland. I wish I had a Jersey accent and think that Glen Ridge/Montclair are some of the cutest towns I have ever known.

8. My sister and I are pretty convinced that my dad is in the Mafia and most all of his best friends in NYC are as well.

9. My dad was an Olympic fencer and my mom was a model in New York City-- Anna and I got nothin...

10. I lead Young Life at Sunset and I love my girls so much. If I was a junior in high school they would FOR SURE be my best friends. They are so rad.

11. My neighbors were my family. They moved away and I miss the amazing times we used to have as kids, I treasure all of them and will forever, and our fabulous summers playing outside until it was dark.

12. I think that my house is located in the most terrific place ever. In Cedar Mill, off of Burton with Hartung Lake in my backyard.

13. I am obsessed with all things having to do with water.

14. I HATE the cold and being cold more than anything.

15. I absolutely loved high school. Besides struggling being a teenager at times, I was so blessed with great friends, community, church...

16. My world was shattered when all of my best friends went to different states for college. Just recently in the last year have I been able to deal with change. I still wish sometimes it was senior year again and my friends and I were all together again.

17. I am still in love with Mary Kate and Ashley and wish I could be best friends with them,

18. My sister legitimately thinks that if Lamarcus Aldridge met her, he would want to marry her. I agree.

19. I keep things written on 4 calendars-- not because I will forget but I just want to be organized.

20. Making lists is my most favorite thing. Along with making collages

21. I think the magazine Real Simple will forever be 2nd to the Bible.

22. When I was little, the only thing I ate was rolls.

23. Relationships are my number one priority. My love language is quality time and God has placed MANY people in my life whom I love where that is not their love language...

24. Any night that I felt lonely in high school I would watch The Labyrinth by myself ... a Jim Hensen movie from the 80's starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. My sister and cousins and I adored it.. and still do.

25. I am absolutely obsessed with FRIENDS and wish that I lived that life with best friends like they do. I laugh out loud multiple times in each episode.


  1. This is an adorable list! I did one of these back then, too, and now I want to go see what I said :)


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