Monday, March 15, 2010

complete desperation

Unashamed Passion
Reckless Obedience
Complete Desperation

Brent Cunningham is a great friend of mine. He was my workcrew boss at the Canyon summer of '05 and that is where we first met. This man is incredible, he is so faithful and dedicated. He really loved me like a daughter. I got to spend a month with him, his wife and 2 girls whom are all incredible. He taught us to receive Christ's love; to really receive it, proclaim it aloud and to our Lord. This was so big for my relationship. Such an important piece of my foundation in my relationship with Christ.

Brent came to visit me in Eugene when I was a freshman. It was such a sweet time we shared together walking around campus. I shared with him my struggles as a freshman in a new school-- feeling like my relationship with Christ was all I had. He was such an encouragement and literally walked through it with me.

It's special when you don't see someone often but have spent a month becoming family and that's how your relationship always feels- full of unconditional love and "sweet reunions" as Brent would say. This is the beauty of workcrew, the beauty of the Kingdom, the beauty of real life and the beauty of fellowship.

Also during his visit he shared this vision with me: Unashamed passion and reckless obedience in relationship to my (our) walk with Christ. He encouraged me (us) to live this way. It is something that has stuck with me ever since. It's an important saying to me and encourages me every time I recite it. Being completely unashamed of the love you have for Christ. Having a passion in your heart that is so large and you aren't one bit ashamed of it. Being completely and ridiculously obedient. Obedient to the point that it seems reckless. I LOVE this. If we truly lived each day this way, think how much more we would stay on His path for us, and think how much more he could teach us; with the ears of our heart obediently wide open.

Last year I added Complete Desperation to the end of it as I felt like this was something I needed in my life as well. As a controller, I can't fully give myself way to God unless I am in complete desperation, on my knees, striving for Him each day. At a place of brokenness and acknowledging that brokenness daily is when I am fully living for Him.

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  1. oh this is beautiful....totally what i needed to read.


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