Friday, March 26, 2010

I love my

Fridays make me happy... here are a few other things that are making me happy today! TGIF

Diet Coke

Miley's look at her premier for the Last Song
Maggie coming home last night

PeachWave- new self-serve frozen yogurt place in Cedar Hills. INCREDIBLE. I've been 3 nights in a row... (probably shouldn't admit that)

What's making you happy this Friday?!


  1. Oh my gosh, diet coke, yes. TGIF. Tequila is going to make me happy this friday night!

    Have a fab weekend xoxo

  2. WHAT ... I wanna go to peach wave....

  3. First of all, you should never be ashamed of going to the most AMAZING place ever 3 days in a row! You, (and I for that matter) should feel privledged! Ill have to get my fix this weekend before I go to LA:)

  4. hahah SO TRUE holls!! Let's go this weekend :) hahaha


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