Friday, April 9, 2010

wish I was here

It's been a long few weeks of me being sick. I am ready to be over it and back to my normal self. I have been so tired, mentally and physically. I am really excited to rest with my husband this weekend.. (too bad the Masters is on). I got to "relax" this week at home but it was terribly boring and I felt sick the whole time so it doesn't count as a good rest :)

I love dreaming with Brian before we fall asleep. I love chating about all the things we want to do in our life, what our house will be like, what our kids will be like, where we want to go on our next vacation, what our dreams are. It's a sweet time we get to spend together (until Brian begins to snore and it's apparent to me that he is no longer listening). I had this mental image in my head last night of where I want to be with him right now. On this boardwalk about to walk onto this beach. Partly to swim in the ocean, party to cuddle in the sand, partly to go on a walk and have a great conversatin, partly to skip and play and partly to lay and get some color on my skin!

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