Friday, April 23, 2010

filling in blanks on Friday!

1. One song that always takes me back to my youth is .. well youth as in when I was little would have to be Spanish Harlem by Aretha Franklin. I was apparently obsessed with that song since I was 2 and am still obsessed. but Backstreet Boys "As Long as you Love me" brings me right back to 5th grade :)

2. My first concert ever was... oh wow I'm not sure.. maybe Britney Spears!?

3. If I could create my dream music festival I'd want these bands to be there: hmmm Phil Wickam, Matt Kearny, Jimmy Eat World, The Fray, Matt Nathanson, Telecast

4. The best make-out/"boot knocking" song ever is um... i have no idea. i dont make out to songs??

5. The best concert I've ever been to was well Matt Kearny in Eugene was pretty awesome. but also... Brian and my very first "date" was at the Augustana concert and that was awesome for both reasons of music and a super cute boy.

6. A memorable musical moment for me was with my husbands music. He wrote me a song for my birthday when we were first dating and when he played it to me that was super memorable. Also at our wedding he "surprised" me with singing a song. And I have really special memories of us writing music together.

7. The song on my iPod that's getting the most play these days is - well I don't use my ipod that often... but I've been playing Something Beautiful by NeedtoBreath a ton. Also Beautiful Lord by Leeland

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