Tuesday, April 6, 2010


"that's simply impassable"
"You mean impossible?"
"Impassable. Nothing is impossible"

Being sick on the couch today, I watched Alice in Wonderland. This little bit of dialogue caught my heart after John Mark's message (Hope is risen) on Sunday. Nothing is impossible. If Jesus can fulfill the prophecy of the resurrection-- He can achieve anything. It's always important to remember that He isn't going to do just anything that we ask Him to but if we ask Him and leave our hearts and lives open- He will do everything that He can to fulfill the will that He has for us. He can move mountains and with Him we can as well. So often in my life I know that power of God to be true but I never align myself with it or truly believe it in my heart. If I lived my life to think that nothing was impossible and the deeper I seek Christ the more that things can change for me. I can change and circumstances can change, relationships can changes, dreams can come true. It's unfortunate that these things are so easy for me to understand but a whole other story to actually do. We are just so used to doing life on our own. How many times do I have to tell myself that HE IS BETTER THAN I CAN EVER BE.

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