Monday, April 12, 2010

dream job

Home Organizer. I love it. There is no better feeling to me. Yesterday I went to Lindsays house to help her switch bedrooms. We had a blast. There is something about making something new, going through the old-- it does something to your soul as well as your home. A closet, a kitchen, a bedroom, a drawer or a whole house. I LOVE IT.


  1. Well you can do that for me when I move back into pi phi in the fall.... mom and dad will be in Rome...

  2. liv. START YOUR OWN BUSINESS. who is more organized than you to start your own business? people need clarity in their lives. you can do it. i believe in you :)

  3. i had a dream last night and i went to your house (which was not your current house) and you were showing me how you are even organized for your outfit for the next day. you had one of those body manikins and you told me that you dress it every night - accessories included!! then, change of were wearing this cute pink shrug sweater thingy and you said it was from second grade...hahaa
    good to see you in my dreams. hope to see you like maybe PEACH WAVE??!! :)

  4. Seriously, that WOULD be a Dream job!!!!


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