Saturday, April 24, 2010

dream jobs

As many of you know I've been struggling with my job situation for over a year now. I know what I love and what my talents are but they haven't yet seem to align with anything in this world so far. Because I have this conversation a lot people are always asking what I would really love to do. It's a complicated question for me. I am constantly telling people "oh my goodness that would be my dream job!!" or "You know what I really would love to do..."  but the problem is there are MANY things I say this about. Maybe this is (one) reason why it's been so hard for me to be doing something that I love. I love a lot of things and what I've been doing for the last year isn't one of them. I watched the Nanny Diaries the other day and it got me to thinking; I keep doing things that aren't "me".

So over the next few weeks I'm going to be brainstorming what my dream jobs are (mainly for my own thoughts to get organized and try to see if I can figure out more of myself in the process)


  1. I totally know how you are feeling. I am the same way. I like alot of different things so it is hard for me to make up my mind. I am finally doing one thing I enjoy...the blog and vintage clothing but I still have many other things I would like to do. Good luck on your journey. Sitting down and writing it out helps. Thanks for visiting my blog. I just became a follower of yours. You should become one of mine to if you would like! I have a contest you can enter by becoming a follower. Check it out!


  2. I know you'll find something perfect for you eventually! xoxo, liv


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