Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I've realized that I have a real problem with snacking. Living with a boy now makes it SO much harder. He snacks constantly and so I feel like I need to catch up. I end up snacking right along with him. I either make my own or just eat off of his plate because it looks so good. I decided as of right now that I need to begin to kick this habit. I need to eat more protein and vegetables because I am for SURE not getting enough of that. My mom always said when you are trying to kick a habit to replace it with something else. If you're trying not to snack, when you have the urge to snack have a go-to item so you aren't tempted (brushing your teeth, gum, mints, tea, water etc.) I LOVE tea so that will work great for me ( should go with water but sometimes I need a little bit more flavor). Today was BEAUTIFUL out and I wasn't in the mood for a warm drink--- so I looked through my fridge and came up with this tasty drink!

Started with this:

cut the strawberries
put it all together
added a little rice milk
and ta-da!
I also thought I could add sugar
and/or add Sprite to change the taste.
SUPER refreshing :)

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