Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Last night Brian and I went to the Passion Pit concert. I love my husband SO much. One of the things that I love about him is that when he finds something he loves-- he REALLY loves it. So for the last... 4 months? Passion Pit is what I hear in his car when we are driving. When your wonderful husband has this trait of loving something to (literal) death, it's hard for you to always jump on board with the things he loves. Naturally, as any one would, you grow tired of hearing the same songs or watching the same TV shows or hearing him talk about the same topic for months on end when it's in a phase where he is obsessed.

But- trying to look past that- I bought him tickets for the concert for his birthday and last night we got to go. In all honesty I think I loved them last night more than I ever have in a car ride. I realized that when Brian and I listen to music we hear different things- he hears the combination of instruments, beats, measures-- the music behind the music-- and I hear lyrics. The problem with Passion Pit (to me) is the lead singer has such a high pitched voice that I could never understand a lyric he sings (except "higher and higher and higher, higher and higher and higher" which quickly became my favorite of the bunch months ago-- probably unknowingly for this reason).

Last night I feel like I got to see music through Brian's eyes (or ears) and really hear the incredible music that they were playing and combinations of beats and instruments- I was surprisingly impressed. A special "Thank You" to Brian for teaching me this without planning to.

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