Wednesday, April 28, 2010

rainy days

 We're back to some rain in Portland the last few days. I do love the rain. I love the sound of it on the roof, I love how it hits the window and runs down, I love the smell of the clean rain and air when it's warmer outside. The rain is cozy, it makes me want to be in my sweatpants, with my tea, watching some TV. The rain is also cleansing to me. It feels depressing... and let's you be depressed in it.. which is cleansing?  I love the rain. BUT I am also so ready for the sun to be out to stay.

{via sacramento street}
I was watching some Oregonians around Nike campus the other day and realizing a few things about our relationship with rain

1. Umbrellas- most of us have them, as in own them, but never make use of it! It's too time consuming to bring it with us, open it up when necessary and then close it up when finished.

2. Rain Coats- similarly to umbrellas we all own them (actually I didn't own one until I had to walk to and from class in college outside.. in the rain... ) but they're too hard to wear all of the time. Especially in the spring- one second it is raining and the next it is so sunny... who can plan for that kind of weather? Easier to not wear one and risk being warm and needing to carry it. (gosh I'm lazy)

3. We act like it's not even there most of the time... We don't even run to and from place to place -- we just walk... and let the rain get us wet.

Got to love Portland!!!!!!!!

{via habitually chic}


  1. Hi! Just found your Blog and loved reading it! Have a Blessed Evening!

  2. AH! I miss the rain!!! Sometimes when I am about to wake I hear water dripping on the gutters, I open my eyes and look outside and see the bluest of sky, SAD. Washingtonians are the same way about their umbrellas and jackets! :) So funny!


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