Friday, April 23, 2010

Follow Friday


Today is for my friends in real life.

Anna is my little sister & my favorite person in the entire world. She is a sophomore at the University of Oregon- rocking in her classes in the Journalism school. She loves Jesus, Young Life, Africa and PR. TOMS shoes has asked her and a friend to be the University of Oregon reps for their brand to help promote and spread the word of a great great cause. Check her out!

Mollie is my super cute second-cousin-in-law (or just cousin for short). She is a senior in college. We share a passion for non-profits, fundraising, events and straight up making things happen (only I don't get to do that right now and she's totally rocking in her career before she has even graduated!!). Mollie blogs about lots of different things from life in Seattle/Bellingham to work to fashion and music. I think she rocks so check her out!

Rachel and I met freshman year of high school at Jesuit. We shared a love of volleyball and competition. She is so wonderful and full of such great insight. She is one big ball on inspiration. She loves traveling, trying new things, making new friends. I love Rachel because she knows exactly who she is and is always just that. Rachel is one of the most loyal friends I have ever had. Her blog is both fun and thought provoking. LOVE her. Check her out!

Janice is incredible. Her and I got to be friends through our husbands being friends. She has always welcomed me with open arms and made me feel comfortable wherever we are at. Janice is an incredible elementary school teacher and has perservered through so much. I admire her clinging to the Lord to get through all things. Janice and I share a love for sweat pants on the weekend, home decor, cute things, good deals, peachwave and lounging. Check her out!

Morgan is my newest friend to begin a blog (as of this week) but I know it will end up being great. Morgan and I became friends right before my freshman year of college. We had a sweet few years of an incredible frienship in Eugene. She helped me get through lonliness. We are soul twins - we have so much in common and got to share so much together while in college. Morgan has a passion for life, a life full of fun and commitment to the Lord. Excited to see what she is going to do with her blog!!

AND Jessica!!! I just found her blog and haven't read many yet, I don't know Jess that well yet but I secretly (well not anymore) think she is one of the most beautiful people both inside and out!! For real. She is an amazing wife, mother and daughter of the Lord.

Check them all out and become a follower!!! (we all know that we loooove followers- its partly why we write, right!?)
Who do you want to reccomend for Follow Friday?
Post and link up here so we can all see!!


  1. Hi sweetie, I'm new here and loving the style of your blog! If you fancy a visit, I'm holding a Sex In The City Giveaway over on My Passport to Style! Sharon xx

  2. Thank liv!! I love you more! :)


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